The 7 Packing Essentials When Going On A Yacht Charter Trip

So, the time has finally come – you’ve made your booking for private yacht rental, and it’s time to set sail!

Now, if it’s your first time aboard yacht – you will want to consider planning your list of items to start packing before the trip begins. You wouldn’t want to overpack or leave out any essentials that may prevent you from enjoying your yacht experience to the fullest.

To help you pack smartly, we’ve constructed a list of things you have to consider and what you have to pack for your first private yacht charter.

Bag size

Try to fit all of your items into a medium-sized soft cover bag – it’ll be much easier to carry around. Not to mention, having a soft bag will make it easier to store away than a square-shaped hard-shell suitcase.


Most private yacht charters will have enough clean and dry towels for guests to use, but you can never have enough bikinis or swimming trunks.

Even though you might think you’re going to wear many different kinds of clothes, chances are you’ll probably spend the whole duration of the trip in swimwear; whether you’re onshore or onboard a yacht!

So, pack a few swimwear options for a change every now and then!


Pack a few items that you can throw over your swimsuit for lunch and in between sunbathing and swimming sessions. Items like tank tops, sarongs, T-shirts, lightweight pants, or sundresses are perfect for quickly covering up.


You’ll find yourself in a variety of situations, going from the sundeck onto the beach and for shoreside excursions. You’ll definitely need soft-soled shoes for on-boat activities, as most yacht charters don’t allow hard soles on the deck.

Packing flip-flops and soft-soled trainers will be more than enough to cover all the situations.

Sun protection

You don’t want to get sunburnt while lying in the sun all day. Sunrays that reflect off of the ocean water can be really damaging to your skin, and it’s important to wear sunscreen at all times. Even if it’s just cloudy weather, the sun is still potent.

Pack a lighter SPF for your body and a stronger one for your face and lips. Also, do invest in a decent sun hat and sunglasses for extra protection – and you’re all set!

Comfort and warmth

For the chilly night air, you can pack some shorts, t-shirts, a pair of cotton trousers, an extra sweater, a lightweight jersey or jacket for a cool night’s out. Meanwhile, you could also bring some light foul-weather gear for the occasional rainy days.

However, there may be times when you’ll need to put on dresses for women and jackets or dress trousers for men during trips to some luxurious restaurants and resorts.

So, be sure to pack these in so you are all ready for a fancy and elegant dine-in.


Don’t forget to pack prescribed medication as well as some headache pills and seasickness medication.

Check with the captain or the crew if there will be a first aid kit onboard. Otherwise, take action and prepare one beforehand to ensure everyone’s safety.

No need to pack for every event imaginable when you go on a boat charter. As long as you have your swimsuit, comfortable clothing, and protection from the sun, the yacht trip will go perfectly!

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