Make The Most Out Of Your Holiday With Serviced Apartments

Don’t we all miss travelling? The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has put a pause on everyone’s travel plans. Unfortunately, we can’t press the fast-forward button to skip to our next trip abroad!

However, just because we can’t travel, doesn’t mean we can’t continue planning for it! In fact, we’ll let you in on a secret tip. That serviced apartments are the secret to making the most out of your next trip!

Yes, that’s right! Move aside hotels, fully serviced apartments are coming through – and they’re here to stay. Here are five reasons why!

1. You get to live like a local

Most serviced apartments offer you a host of dining, entertainment, and lifestyle options – located conveniently around your area of residence.

If you’re travelling with kids or elderly, then you have one less thing to worry about since almost everything you need is within close reach! Also, you get to navigate your way around town more easily.

Our apartment at Cantonment Road has up to seven dining options – sure to leave you spoilt for choice! Ever heard of our famous hawker culture in Singapore? Then you’re in luck!

Eat cheap hawker food that, for sure, doesn’t compromise on quality. Feast your eyes (and mouth) upon our local favourites, such as chilli crab, chicken rice, and more!

But anytime you start missing the familiar flavours from home, most serviced apartments offer communal kitchens for you to get cooking!

2. You get more space

Serviced apartments offer facilities, just like how a traditional hotel would – but with ample space, convenience and privacy!

So, rather than squeezing into a small hotel room, you can indulge in the full joy and comfort that comes with renting a serviced apartment.

If you pick an apartment with several rooms, you can allocate them accordingly to your travel mates. It means that you don’t have to pay extra fees for additional bedrooms, on top of having a decent amount of space!

3. You can save money

The availability of affordable service apartments is often much cheaper than the price of staying in a hotel! Plus, hotels around prime locations are usually priced more extravagantly.

Meanwhile, a serviced apartment offers you many different amenities that makes your money worth! The total cost is inclusive of facilities like laundry area and gym, in contrast to hotels where you’d have to pay extra!

Instead of ordering room service or takeout for food, you can get groceries from the nearby store to cook your own meals – saving you a whole lot of money.

In turn, the money saved can be used for other things – like shopping!

4. You get to stay connected

Expensive roaming charges is one less thing to worry about since most serviced apartments provide complimentary Wi-Fi that will definitely come in handy!

Moreover, learning new cultures doesn’t always refer to visiting museums or going for a guided tour. With serviced apartments, you get the chance to bump into locals themselves! So, you can discover more about a country by hearing their unique experiences.

All in all, you’re connected both digitally and personally – through technology and a dash of human touch!

5. You get to earn as you stay

If you find yourself returning to the same country often, why not go back to the same serviced apartment you once rented? Usually, the more you stay, the more you stand to benefit!

We recognises our returning and loyal customers. To show our gratitude, we always have a handful of exclusive offers in the form of discounts, concessions and freebies! So, if you’re in the process of hunting for a service apartment for rent, why not check us out? Our business is still up and running, but we can’t emphasise enough the importance of complying to safe distancing measures. For your safety and ours, let’s do our best to curb the spread of the virus!

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