How To Look After Your Feather Soft Stuffed Sofa

Feathers are known to be very comfortable materials for 3 seater sofa cushions available at furniture sale. Back cushions and pillows are usually filled with feathers, the main cushions are made with foam core to provide added support, and it is wrapped with feathers and layers in layers. Seek down sofas from with washable, removable or slipcovers for smooth maintenance. It is also easier to maintain with down sofas having fabrics like microfiber, corduroy, or cotton. You should also consider getting a fabric sofa in Singapore for your home.

  • Fluff the cushions properly to retain the shape. Feather cushions may sink with time and may look dirty. So, shake the cushions by turning them well to redistribute feathers well around the cushion. Plump the cushions manually and set them in place. Brush over them to smooth the surface.
  • Clean the upholstery. Wash the removable cushion covers in cold water if you need to clean it with water. Zip close the covers before washing. Dry the covers on a low setting so they will not shrink. If the instruction does not allow drying and washing in the machine, spot clean with upholstery cleaner or with solvent for dry cleaning.
  • Blot up the spills quickly. If spill permeates upholstery, remove the covers and lay clean clothes or paper towels on cushions. If it has a drink or food spills, spray with household cleaner. To clean up faces, vomit or urine stains, spray with an enzymatic cleaner, which removes odors and breaks down the particles. Dry cushions well before you replace the covers.

Lay the cushion outside on a dry and clean surface for some time in every four to six months. Don’t place it on bright and direct sunlight. You may want to add a rug to complement your sofa.


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