How To Choose The Right Chinese Teacher

Finding the right Chinese teacher is very important as your success in learning the language is heavily dependent on it. If you live outside China, let’s say in Singapore, finding the right center for learning becomes mandatory as many people will claim that they know the language, when in fact they really don’t.

So, before you begin your search for Chinese lessons in Singapore, look out for the following things:

1. Knowing a language and teaching it to others are two different things. For example, you may know how to paint, but you might not know how to teach it to others. Therefore, someone who says they know Chinese, ask them, ‘Do you know how to teach it to me?’ A good teacher should have experience in teaching others and should be well aware of the difficulties the student might face.

2. Chinese is a very difficult language, so to make it interesting you need someone who can bring the language to life. The teacher should know ways to make the language more interesting so that learning is easier for you.

3. Your teacher should teach you the language progressively. Since Chinese has a lot of alphabets and grasping them at one go is tough, your teacher should know how to break things down in a logical way. Structuring the language is important so the lessons should be pre-planned ahead of time.

4. Your teacher should be a good motivator. When you learn a new word in Chinese, the teacher should compliment you, so that this way you will feel motivated to learn more. The teacher should also offer feedback so that you are aware of your progress. Pointing out mistakes is also important. If the teacher doesn’t give you suggestions or point out mistakes, you won’t realize how far you’ve gotten. Don’t be afraid of criticism. They only want the best out of you. Ask them where you went wrong and how to correct your mistakes to do better.

5. Your teacher should be passionate about their work. A teacher who just reads from the book is not of much use. An interesting teacher should be enthusiastic about the subject, even in teaching it to others. They should be eager to teach and share their knowledge of the subject.

6. Finally, the teacher should be patient. All language learners take time to learn any new language, and since grasping Chinese is a little tough, the teacher’s patience is key.

If you harbor an interest in attending Chinese classes in Singapore, there are many professional centers that offer different Chinese lessons. One such example is the Skills Future Center, where you can check out skillsfuture Chinese classes in Singapore.

They have certified and experienced teachers who will make your journey of learning the language easier and more fun. At the end of the day, what you learn is limited to what your teacher is able to teach you, thus, the vast knowledge of your tutor is very important.

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