Broaden Your Perspective By Learning About Physics

As a study of matter, energy, space, time and other forces of nature, physics is an important topic that helps us understand how things work and how energy shifts around us in its various forms. Owing to its prevalence in our day to day life, once your O level physics tutor runs you through a topic, you can easily relate to it and witness its application about you.

I remember being younger and hearing my colleagues complain that the math they were learning would never actually be used later on in life. It turns out you need a lot of that math and then some if you choose A level physics tuition. And once you know exactly how trigonometry, graphing and calculus matter and are applied to unravel real-life dilemmas, they become all the more interesting.

And that’s just scratching the surface. Because, believe it or not, physics ultimately had a hand in building the computer or mobile device you’re using to read this. It wouldn’t have been possible without knowledge of transistors and semiconductor physics or electricity and electronics! Most other tech is possible today through the use of both basic and advanced physics concept.

Like the fibre optic cable, we use to get in touch with the world that is built out of the study of optics. And solar panels, hydro-power units and other methods of energy generation which are simply conceptual applications of turning energy, as we know it in physics, into another form that can be used to power our homes. Or cars and aeroplanes and flat-screen TVs, without which modern life is pretty much unimaginable. Even space rockets are constructed out of what you learn in your physics tuition. This means we get to explore new frontiers and maybe even find other life in the universe, courtesy of our knowledge of physics.

A valuable skill that you can harness while you go through your h2 physics tuition is the ability to solve problems systematically. I’m not saying you couldn’t find that in other subjects but with physics when you have a problem, you break it down and formulate a solution. Then you move on to test that solution, and it could hit the spot. Or you could miss the mark and start again with another proposed answer to the issue and then test your hypothesis. It’s a skill that instantly increases your personal worth whether as CEO or a physical labourer.

Out of all the benefits you could have from learning physics, the one I like best is its ability to broaden your perspective. We think our lives are so complex and our problems so big. Yet, we hardly see a portion of the small planet we inhibit that is part of a solar system in a Galaxy, which is one of among 30 galaxies in the local galaxy group. And even after all our discoveries, we know so little. There is so much still waiting to be explored!

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