A Skincare Checklist Of How You Can Maintain Facial Beauty

Youthful skin is something many yearn for. Yet, it is not always easy to achieve. With time and age – as well as repetitive exposure to undesirable elements, skin starts to age. Sometimes, most don’t even realize this until it is too late.

Although everyone’s skin ages in time to come, you can do your part by spotting the signs and addressing them before it worsens.

Crow’s feet

A major giveaway of ageing skin is crow’s feet – little, fine lines appearing at the corners of your eyes. Though this is common when aging it shouldn’t be the case when you’re at a young age.

Once you spot yourself having crow’s feet, you know it’s time to give a boost to your collagen. Get products filled with ingredients such as stem cells and peptides – they help to give your skin more plumpness but more importantly fill in these lines.

Otherwise, a facial treatment now and then can also do the trick.

Worn out appearance

The main culprit of this outcome is sugar. While it is known for its sweetness that it adds to food and beverages, it causes problems like inflammation and a spike in insulin.

Moreover, glycation – the bonding of sugar to other body molecules – does no good for your body. Among various impacts, this leaves skin vulnerable to skin radicals, giving you a prematurely haggard look. So, the takeaway here is to minimise your sugar intake and it will go a long way to bringing back skin radiance.

Fragile skin

When you notice your skin getting damaged easily, you know that your skin is ageing. Appearance aside, it will also mean you are more prone to healing and it takes a longer time to heal.

Usually, this is because of calcium deficiency along with possibly imbalanced pH levels. Measures you can take include following a well-balanced diet, applying sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher, and so on.

Small little bumps

Often mistaken as acne, these flesh-coloured or white tiny bumps you see are actually another sign of skin ageing – milia.

They usually appear because of damage from sunlight or harsh skincare products. As a result, the skin loses its ability to exfoliate naturally. To get rid of them, you’ll have to get products with retinol or glycolic acid and also put sunscreen on constantly.

Thinning lips

Thinning lips are a classic sign of ageing. The reason for this happening is the loss of collagen and sun damage.

Find a product that comes with sunscreen and apply it to your lips – it will help to deal with this problem effectively. Aside from that, you can also start by consuming foods that are high in collagen.

Dark circles

While not a necessarily a sign of skin ageing, dark circles around the eyes occur for quite a few reasons. Usually because of lack of sleep or excessive alcohol intake.

While getting more sleep and consuming less alcohol are habits you can improve on, other solutions comprise face products containing hyaluronic acid and vitamin C.

Tight skin

Just like brushing your teeth, washing your face too harshly will damage your skin. Don’t mistake the ‘tightness’ for firm skin, the goal is to actually have a well-nourished and supple skin.

Once you feel that your skin feels tight, it means that your skin’s healthy barrier is being damaged. To prevent that from happening, get a gentle and moisturising cleanser.


Sunspots appear with repeated exposure to the sun. A barrage of such sunspots is a definite sign of ageing skin.

The best remedy for such sunspots is to prevent direct exposure to the sun as often as possible. Whenever that is not possible – or perhaps you are out getting a tan – make sure you are well protected with comfortable amounts of sunscreen.


Wrinkles are often a normal sign of ageing as a whole; as you age, your skin is likely to develop wrinkles on it.

At the same time, certain lifestyle choices such as your diet and sleeping habits can have an impact, with wrinkles appearing prematurely. The solution–have a disciplined regimen early on in life.

Ageing skin is unavoidable, but it doesn’t mean that there’s completely no way of dealing with these signs or slowing the process down.

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