Weighing The Good & Bad Of Renting A Training Room

For businesses, finding a perfect place for training is the most hectic task to deal with. But elaborating the fact, it is as important as to guide a trainee well.

The surface, walls, interior, equipment, spacing, location, layout and many such factors are all those which makes a difference in learning. And these are among the essential things to look out for when looking to rent a training room. A good learning occurs under a good shade, and so is the case for the location and layout of the building.

Another important factor for business to determine whether renting a training room is necessary ultimately comes down to measuring its pros and cons – whether to have it as an in-house training or not. Here, we share with you some of the pros and cons on whether businesses should rent a training room for conduct an in-house training for an employee training.

Renting a training room:

This is a case when businesses choose to rent a training room to conduct employee training instead of conducting them at the comfort of their own office. Some businesses do not have a large space to carry out these training hence, a rental of space is needed.


  • Keeps the company’s office clean
  • The layout of the room from tables, chairs and simple decoration is provided for
  • No time is wasted to arrange the table and chairs for the room layout.
  • Noise reduction walls minimize any sound that will be created during the training and training can flow easily.
  • Bright coloured walls and lightings, and carpeted flooring to conduct training with ease.


  • A cost is needed to rent the training room to carry out the training
  • Employees have to get out of their comfort zone and travel down to the training room location.
  • Accessibility like food and drinks in and around the building have to be recced first before the actual training day.
  • Should any water spillage occurs, an extra charge will be incurred to replace the portion of the carpet.

Thus, reading these multiple flexible cases, one should do what he or she is convenient in. Multiple selections of places lead to confusion and hence diminishing results.

Whether it is a rental room or an in-house training, one should be capable and confident about the knowledge and experience before giving the talk. And this is one the quality of being a good speaker and trainer. A perfect location do not necessarily mean a perfect talk or seminar. It is always important to understand the capabilities you have rather than surfing for a place to showcase the money.

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