The Cost Of Working With A Video Animation Company

The animated videos production has been climbing professionally and occupational. Among digital media, they are increasingly seen. Animated videos add brilliance, color, and appeal to creative and narrative content. These make the informative content, as complex as it may be, perceptible to almost anyone.

Working with an animated video production agency in Singapore is getting easier. Practically all the content and image that a person, service, company or brand offers, is done via digital media. Due to the constant use of digital media and platforms, the appearance of new animation production companies has been increasing.

The prices that animation product agencies apply are variable. They mainly depend on the content created, duration of the video and applied formats. Typically, animations that haunt the digital world come in 2D, 3D, motion graphics, and whiteboard animations.

The average time that a professional animated video usually lasts is between 30 seconds and 1.20 minutes. Despite this, an animated video can last up to 10 minutes. Each aspect is taken into account and influences the increase in the price per video. Rates are usually set for every 30 seconds of video.

In Singapore the prices set for every 30 seconds range from approximately $ 1,200 to $ 2,000. An average length video of 2 minutes to 5 minutes can cost between $ 4,500 to $ 8,000. A full-length video, average length at 10 minutes, can range in price from $ 10,000 to $ 12,000.

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