Social Media Video: What You Need to Make it a Success

First and foremost, don’t ever forget about your target messaged aimed at your audience.

Especially since videos are receiving a whole lot more attention than any other media source – you should all the more push out engrossing content that will seal the deal with your viewers and customers.

One way to go about it is through problem-solving techniques – by identifying a problem and coming up with the right solution, you can easily put together a video that the audience can relate to.

Then again, it may be hard to execute the video on your own without any relevant video-making experience. So, get in touch with a professional firm that offers video production like video animation services so the video will start brewing on the right track right away!

Now, let us discuss the several factors you have to look into to ensure your video turns out the way you want it to.

Excellent content

Quality videos are optimal for your social media platforms; people would much rather watch HD videos instead of standard-definition counterparts.

But were not just referring to video resolution – the angle of your video or its plot is the true star that will attract viewers.

Think of it like this – imagine a video with poor video resolution and a hilarious, exciting storyline as compared to one of 1080p quality yet with a bland and uninteresting plot.

Wed say that the latter is probably the crowds favourite.

Well, why do you think all these films – The Wizard of Oz (1937), Breakfast at Tiffanys (1961), The Godfather (1972) – were all so famous up till now then?

They were called classics after all. 


Trust us, no one can last at a 30-minute long commercial – unless its absolutely entertaining and exciting.

But truth be told, its highly unlikely that anyone will last for that long anyway.

The length of the video is something worth clarifying right at the start. It is pointless to come up with a long-drawn-out video. People have neither the time nor attention span to watch very lengthy videos.

Try to make yours as short as you can. This will give viewers the impetus to watch your videos to the end.

The right captions and subtitles

Often ignored and overshadowed, subtitles and captions are an integral ingredient of any video.

It would be best if you had the right captions and subtitles in your video, in case you want to capture peoples attention easily and quickly.

However, its important that every word coming out of the actors mouth is subtitled accurately – an incorrect word or two may displease the viewer and lose trust in the credibility of your subtitles.

On the other hand, subtitles help even those viewers who have hearing impairments. Even the choice of font and colour matters too. It can completely change the appearance of the whole video. Similarly, consistency plays an important role as well.

Using the same font and colour will allow the viewer to get accustomed to your videos.

Mobile optimisation

This can never be emphasised enough.

Many people across the different generations are on their mobile phones watching their favourite television programmes or catching up on the news – be it while commuting on public transport, during lunchtime, or even comfortably on their bed.

It gives them the extra convenience theyre looking for as theyre constantly moving about from place to place. And if you ever want the social media video to be an ad as well – itll be easy for you to promote your products or services via mobile ads!

Call to action

Alright, youve got everything in check – all thats left now is the finishing touch.

Obviously, the only answer at this point for the social media video to relate directly back to your business is through – call to action (CTA).

The call to action on your video needs to be as clear as possible. You need to let people know what you expect of them after watching the video. Is it to sign up, download, or visit a certain link? You decide.

It can be a little challenging to write a CTA – considering that you have to hit three essential points: straightforward, personal, and actionable.

So, is it an animation video that you’ll be doing, or a regular corporate video of your fellow employees? Slowly make up your mind and engage a video production company with so you all can come together and get started on creating an impressive social media video!

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