Reasons To Opt For Screen Printing In T-Shirt Design

Singaporean brand and business owners are very much aware of branding via t-shirt. Besides, many small and medium entrepreneurs want to start the t-shirt printing in Singapore. Whatever your requirement, the writing will explain all about the screen printing method in the country.

Introduction to Screen-printing: The most used and well-known t-shirt printing method is screen printing. Designers are using screen-printing since the beginning of this art. Nowadays it has developed and well-setup. You can use screen-printing by hands or machine. And the most appealing part of the screen-printing is the ink used. This method needs lesser inks which are thicker than others. Screenprinting in Singapore is very famous in the t-shirt industry. It is best for a large quantity. The cost of screen-printing depends on how large the design, the ink quality, the number of strokes, etc.

Advantages of Screen-Printing: If you are looking for vivid and bright color on the t-shirt, then it is ideal to apply screen-printing. In this method, the ink gets absorbed in a short time and deeply. From this printing option, you will get maximum durability.

Similarly, the working speed is faster than any other options. Once set up can make hundreds of prints. You have to make an appropriate mixture of inks, and you can use it on most fabrics.

Disadvantages: You need a medium space for using a working area.  The working space should be neat and clean. If you want to do it at home, and then please consider one thing, it will get messy at the place.

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