King Size Beds: Types And Purpose

In the market, there are different kinds available for a King size bed. You can opt for a King size bed based on your preference as well as needs. These King size beds are quite large and comfortable to have a great good-night sleep. Due to their comfortable size and great design, you can enjoy a better rest and sleep. If you are thinking of buying one, read further on to know about its different types.

King size bed

King size beds are available in different sizes based on their specific kind. Let’s move on to the different types of a King size bed without any further delay. When it comes to King size beds, the choices available to customers are as follows:

Standard King Bed

Standard King Beds are the most commonly found beds that one can encounter. These beds are also by the other name, Eastern King size beds. The dimensions of this standard bed constitute a width of 76 inches and a length of 80 inches. The size of this eastern bed is enough for a couple.

The standard-sized king bed has the same length as of a Queen size bed but this one is wider than 16 inches. Both partners will share a space of 38 inches each that is more than enough to do their sleeping positions.

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