Introducing The Rebranded SQ1: Company Development Updates

Since the establishment in 1996 and privatisation in 2001, the Group has continued to provide essential commercial cleaning services as well as support services for your daily business activities. Utilising the latest in technology innovations can work towards better automation and optimisation through our business operations. Our priority is offering our customers with cleaning solutions and facility management, allowing them to focus more on their core business.


As we continues to grow, we have a few changes in place to facilitate the rebranding process. Our company email domain has changed. This rebranding change of our email allows for a more cohesive and in-line integration with our company name.

As we strive to be the innovative market leader for Cleaning and Integrated Facility Management in Singapore, our priority is still ensuring high excellence in the service we provide to customers.

Service Expansion

As we expand our diverse client base, our offerings have also increased with residential cleaning services, as well as cleaning services towards industrial enterprises, academic institutes and more. By broadening the services we tackle, we can aid our customers and clients better during this period.

Through innovative offerings and  smart technology, we are looking to serve your needs better during these trying times for essential cleaning and facility management services that you require.

Essential Services

As an NEA licensed and registered disinfection company, we continue to conduct sessions of disinfections to potential contacted areas. We use the following licensed and approved equipment as shown below:

1. Approved PPE by NEA

a) LW001 Disinfectant mist sprayer
b) KLEENGUARD A40 bodysuit
c) Cartridge Type Respirator
d) Goggles
e) Face Mask – NIOSH N95
f) Latex Surgical Hand Gloves
g)Shoe Covers

2. Approved chemical (disinfecting chemical) by NEA

a) Super q (5L) -406. Concentrated QAC Based Disinfectant

3. Types of containment and disposal of all PPE methods

a) Hazardous bag containment
b)Hazardous disposal to the approved contractor

In recognition of our best employees

Our priority is not just towards our clients, but for our employees as well. We take additional precautions for the safety of everyone, ensuring that each cleaning session is done properly and safely. As cleaning efforts have ramped up recently everywhere across the country, our hardworking team of cleaning specialists have worked tirelessly to ensure our homes and workspaces are disinfected, sanitised and clean for everyday use. This includes in areas where professional office cleaning is needed as well as condo cleaning services to ensure a safe living environment.

Here are some of our employees for Best Cleaner Award!

In recognition of their hard work and effort that they have put in, we would like to thank them once again for their contributions in over this trying period.

Moving Forward: COVID-19 and Beyond

During this trying period, the need for our cleaning services is even more apparent. As a commercial cleaning company believes that a clean and pleasant atmosphere, at home or in the office, is the biggest determinant for progress and prosperity. We have worked hard to adapt and adhere to developing cleaning standards, in order to bring a peace of mind to customers amid the pandemic of COVID-19.

Our operations during this period will be carried out with utmost safety for clients, customers and employees, using only licensed and approved equipment, as well as the best, recommended procedures forward.

But beyond that, our integrity, passion and adherence to the best service standards allow us to continue being the preferred choice for our customers with a problem-solving approach. We will keep always keep in mind on ensuring the utmost safety when carrying out our services for all.

Delegate your support tasks

We apply knowledge and excellence together with strong leadership skills towards cleaning and maintenance for our clients and our customers. As the market leader in cleaning and integrated facility management in Singapore, we look to ensure that our suite of facility management services is catered to all.

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