How Do Photographers Bring A Story To Life Through Images?

Many of us know of photography as a visual art form. But did you know that an important component of photography lies beyond just the visual aspect? It is actually the narrative or the story that each picture tells to its viewer that makes it impactful. In the field of photography, a story can unfold with a sequence of pictures, also known as a photo essay. But the best photographers will produce pictures that are still stunning when they stand alone. Many professional event photographers in Singapore would know the true value of storytelling, as they are often tasked to capture the happenings of an event and deliver an album of compelling and powerful photographs. In this article, we will share how an event photographer in Singapore ensures each picture tells a riveting story.

Plan, plan and plan some more

Before heading down to an event, an event photographer must already have some plans in mind. For most, it would be a simple schedule. But for the seasoned photographers, a detailed plan is a must to ensure quality photographs. Planning not only helps to give the photographer an idea of what to expect at the event but also acts as a breeding ground for creativity. If the photographer knows that there are some visually appealing activities happening at the event, they would consider how to best capture the essence of it in a photo. In essence, learning more about the event, drafting out a schedule and compiling a list of potentially good shots will be key in ensuring each picture is backed by a wow factor.

Layer the story with different subjects

In photography, subjects are the key people or items that convey the message(s) to the viewer. Think of them as the protagonist in the novel or the lead character in a TV series. Subjects are important to consider because they can make a huge impact on the perspectives provided in the picture and therefore alter how the narrative is shaped. In any event, shifting the focus to different subjects will prove to be a very rewarding experience – the young baby playing with a toy would certainly evoke a different response than a grown man shedding tears of joy. But, of course, the client’s request should come first for any event photographer in Singapore. It would be extremely beneficial if the client could provide the photographer with specific subjects that they should profile in the photos. That way, the photographer is able to look out for the best ways to tell stories using those subjects.

Take note of the composition and editing!

Photos are never perfect immediately after they are taken. Often, photographers have to spend a bit of effort finding an angle that captures everything they need to tell their stories. But it is actually the post-production process that makes every photo stronger and each narrative clearer. Event photographers do spend some time on Photoshop and Lightroom to ensure that the lighting and colour in the pictures are appropriate for the subject matter. Photographers who pay attention to these details may delay their output a little bit, but the quality of the final product will be absolutely stunning.


Stories are inherently present in every form of art. To be a great photographer, one must be in tune with the narratives each picture can present, in addition to knowing how to create a great visual composition.

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