Hidden Fees: How To Avoid Them When Applying For A Loan

The break fee and redraw costs are charged when you want your interest fixed, and when you want to withdraw funds that you pooled through extra payments.

Other expenses in this category are the default fee, annual, and additional payment fees. The default fee, as it suggests, is paid when you default, and the annual fee is charged when you’re using a discounted package. While there is a disparity in terms of the fees charged by different licensed moneylenders, some instant loans in Singapore have relatively manageable interest rates and recurring costs.

Discharge fees

When you are close to terminating the agreement with your borrower, there is a chance that you could still incur some charges depending on the reasons for having this termination.

From settlement fees to discharge costs and refinancing fees, the charges seek to cover the losses your lender might have suffered, with the completion of the mortgage process, and a new application fee that can be discussed with your new lender.


Some service providers have more expenses than other forms of borrowing, and the interest rates and charges display a disparity from lender to lender. While the highlighted charges are usually standard, it is essential to watch out for other fees like late payment charges, withdrawal fees, using a credit card overseas, and dormancy charges.

The costs can be little to something colossal, and it is essential to watch them closely and carefully before committing to a long-term loan like a debt consolidation loan or something similar.

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