Familiarise Yourself With The Buddhist Funeral Rites

Buddhists believe in reincarnation. They believe that death is a chapter that enables one to transition from this life to another. A Buddhist Funeral allows people to mourn for one’s death and is an occasion where they can appropriately express their sincere condolences to the family. The rites vary, but almost all would have an altar dedicated for the deceased. Prayers and meditation are offered, and the body is cremated right after. Buddhist funeral rites usually take place in the morning of the actual burial or cremation service. Whatever the rite may be monks always lead a Buddhist funeral. However, in lieu of monks, a family member of the deceased may take over.

While some cremate the body of the deceased for economic reasons, Buddhists see cremation differently. For them, this process enables the soul to be released from the human body. Buddha himself was cremated on a funeral, hence, the tradition. Meanwhile, there are families hat also allow embalming in place of cremation. This would just depend on their preference of the funeral service.

Furthermore, they believe that reincarnation takes place after the cremation. The concept of reincarnation, where one is reborn in a different form or identity, is something Buddhists particularly have a strong conviction with. For them, death is more than just mourning. It’s a celebration to welcome all the karmic forces the deceased has brought upon him or herself during a lifetime.

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