Choosing An International School: Factors To Consider

Think wisely to select an international school in Singapore. The purpose of education may be different based on the courses. But you must pay attention to some features and basic elements before finalizing the decision. Also, you will find schools which offer the IB program in Singapore or IB diploma courses.

Location:Location can create a positive effect on the education of a student. Geographical aspects will develop the mental ability of a child. For better facilities, you can select a cost-effective school in the center of the city. Similarly, location is an important factor for dropping and picking your child. You should concern about the position of your residence, office and the school. It will help you to calculate your time perfectly. The location of an international school in Singapore can reduce the education cost also.

Facilities:If you are searching for schools with lower tuition fees and proper facilities, then old campuses may be an intelligent solution. Lower tuition fees is not a negative issue. It doesn’t mean that you will get lower facilities at a lower cost. You have to consider the school campus, playground, library, transport system, class size, cultural activity, rules, the governing body, and extra curriculum activity.

The Status:The new schools have introductory tuition fees in comparison with the old one. The admission policy of a new school contains an affordable cost to develop the campus. But an established school with a large campus may have high tuition fees.

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