Celebrate A Life Well-Lived With A Proper Funeral Service

Each religion and culture has given great importance to the parting of a person. This final funeral custom could a burial cremation or offering the corpse to natural elements such as water animals or birds. Mourning death, celebrating the time lived and offering support is the core purpose of this custom.


All the book religions also known as Abraham religion follow the tradition of burial. Bhai faith, Islam, Christianity and Judaism are mainly regions that follow the custom of burial. There are readings of holy books and the presence of the priest are usually a vital part of the ceremony. They all hold special significance towards the place of the rising sun.


This is done in means of burning the impurities out of a person’s karma or past doings. Cultures who follow this tradition are; Hinduism, Buddhism and  Sikh religions. There are various details involved in the ceremony. However, they all create a pyre of the sacred fire and burn the body over it; usually in the presence of close relatives and sometimes other relevant people. Find out how much does a funeral cost and engage for funeral service.

Sky burial

In this practice the human body is placed on a high mountain top; a place that vultures and eagle can access the corpse easily. Buddhists of China, Tibet and magnolia, and Zoroastrian have included the religions that participate in sky burial. They usually create cuts in the body of the dead to make it more appealable to carrions birds.


Any funeral marks a transitory stage between life to the death land. It is unique and remarkable between each religion.

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