Breaking Out? 5 Root Causes Of Acne You Should Know About

What unleashes acne?

The causes of acne can be categorized as primary and secondary. The primary etiologic factor of acne is genetics. The remaining factors have not been conclusively identified. The commonly attributive secondary factors however include diet, stress, hormones, and infections. Aesthetic clinic in Singapore provides a variety of consultative services that address every cause of acne.


Foods that are high in sugar content have been found to cause acne. A lower glycemic diet has proven effective in reducing acne. Certain nutrients such as vitamin B12 if consumed in doses that exceed normal daily intake, stimulates or worsens acne. Greasy food does not cause or aggravate acne.


Acne is strongly inherited. Genetics has unveiled a plethora of biological mechanisms associated with acne. Several studies corroborate its inherited nature from research in twins and first degree relatives.


Stress has detrimental effects on not only your health but also wreaks havoc on your skin. Many studies have demonstrated how stress causes or aggravates acne. The more you stress, the more you get.


Periods of puberty and menstrual cycles are notorious for hormonal imbalances. Hormonal activity especially that of the sex hormone, androgen, causes glands in the skin follicles to enlarge and produce excess oily sebum. Androgen hormones, for example, testosterone, dehydroepiandrosterone, and dihydrotestosterone are associated with an increased risk of acne.


An anaerobic bacteria that goes by the name Cutibacterium acnes, plays a role in the development of acne. But the underlying mechanism is still unknown.

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