Belitung Island: The Perfect Island For A Short Breather

Even if it took quite some time, the emerging attention that Belitung Island is garnering nowadays is expected. After all, the welcoming and eye-catchy attractions will prove to you that its popularity is well-deserved. This island has charmed many tourists and if given a chance, it may very well charm you too.

The island is home to some of the most beautiful beaches that are perfect for family getaways and romantic tryst between couples. Witness their clear blue waters scatter the sunrays like dazzling diamonds and be amazed at the Mother’s Nature ability with Belitung’s natural rock formations. Their nightlife is as breathtaking as in the daytime. If you’re one who loves nature and beaches, Belitung Islands is the place for you.

Here are 5 best attractions at Belitung Island that you can enjoy with your loved ones.


Ever wanted to see a body of water so clear that it reflects the very sky above? If so, add Kaoline Lake as one of the places you need to visit while at Belitung. Under the sun, this lake has a beautiful blue hue that has managed to attract tourists that wish to photograph the picture-worthy scene. However, due to safety reasons, you can only view the lake behind a bamboo fence. There are also limited activities to engage in, thus, it may be wise to consider other places in place of this. We recommend finding a Belitung Island tour package that includes Kaoline Lake so that you will not only travel to other tourist sites, but you will also not miss such a natural beauty.


As the icon of Belitung, Lengkuas Island is known for its pristine beach that is home to the distinct huge boulders. As bizarre as it sounds, these boulder formations are absolutely stunning. In addition to the idyllic landscape, this island also has a Lighthouse that is a hundred years old. Built by the Dutch in 1882, this magnificent lighthouse still retains its function by guiding ships even till today.


As an iconic part of the Belitung Island, Tanjung Kelayang has welcomed thousands of visitors that wish to step foot on its long stretch of ethereal white sandy beaches. Its shores greet the calm blue waters that come in soft waves. You can enjoy the serenity Tanjung Kelayang just by basking in the sun. Of course, if you wish for a more exciting activity, you may want to go for a dive and see what lies below. After strenuous exercise, you can end the day with a tasty cuisine shared between you and your loved one.


Batu Berlayar, or the Sailing Rock in English, is an island that has a rock formation that closely resembles a sailing ship, hence the name. If you head down during low tide, you can go starfish sighting. This island is also an excellent place for snorkelling, but only for experienced swimmers as the rocks may not be an ideal place for a swimming practice for beginners.


Last but definitely not the least, Pulau Burung, or the Birds Island, is a destination that serves a stunning view. The stone formations resemble the Garuda, which is not only a bird creature from the Hindu mythology but is also the national emblem of Indonesia. If you’re island hopping in Belitung, Pulau Burung only takes 10 minutes from the starting point.

Belitung Island is a haven for those who wish to take a short trip from Singapore and spend some time decompressing, in a serene and tranquil location. Since Belitung is made up of several islands, it is best if you engage in a reliable travel agency in Singapore and take up a tour package.

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