All You Need To Know When Your Home Has Been Invaded By Ants

Most of you will be familiar with ants. They are the tiny insects that live in a colony, and even though they are small, they can be quite unsightly and annoying. Ants have been around for millions of years, which only goes to show what hardy and tough organisms they are. That is why they are not easy to eliminate.

It is common to find ants in the home, or anywhere, really. Ants seem to be able to find their way anywhere in search of food. They are attracted to many things, from sweet foods to the carcasses of other animals.

How do you know your home is infested with ants?

If you see ants within a few minutes of laying food on your table, chances are, you have ants living in your home. While it is easy to spot ants, it is slightly harder to find their hiding place. Most ants live in colonies underground or hidden away behind walls, under the floorboards, or under the sink of your home.

The ants you see at your food are the worker ants. These ants form a trail and bring the food back to the colony. Hence, one way to determine the location of the ants’ nest is to follow this trail to its likely end-point. Often, you will find that it leads to a crack in the wall or ground.

Certain species of ants also have their identifying traits. For example, carpenter ants chew through wood to make their nests in the hollows – but unlike termites, they do not consume the wood. Thus, you will find wood shavings near the wood structures if carpenter ants are living in it.

What happens if the ants are not dealt with?

Having ants at home is quite common, to the extent that some homeowners don’t bother taking any action. However, this small nuisance can escalate into a bigger one if it is not managed properly.

For example, carpenter ants can cause structural damage in wooden furniture and wooden items in the home. This is not only unsightly, but also costly and potentially dangerous. Some species of ants, like the fire ants, can sting humans. The stings may cause itch, pain, and discomfort. Although the most common type of ants, the black house ant, is not known to bite, it also brings risks to humans by spreading contaminants around. Sometimes, they scavenge in the garbage or other dirty areas before crawling onto your kitchen countertop.

What should you do when there is an ant infestation at home?

The best way to keep ants away is to give them no reason to visit your home. This means minimising the occurrences where food or waste is lying around for them. If there’s no food source, the ants will naturally find somewhere else to forage for food. Most ants also love moist and humid places. Thus, if you want to keep ants away, you should fix any leaks in your home, and make sure it is well-ventilated throughout.

However, if there is already an ant nest in your home, it will be harder to deal with them. Certain types of ants, like the Pharoah’s ants, have a tendency to regroup and form new colonies if they are disturbed. You don’t want to multiply your problem while trying to solve it, so it is best to leave it to the hands of pest control experts.

Your local pest control team will have all the right tools to deal with the ant infestation in your home. In fact, if you have any other pest problem in your home, they are likely to have the solution for you. From termite control to bed bug control, you can leave it to the pest professionals to make your home pest-free again!

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