4 ways you can benefit from taking naps during daytime

If you are reading this article, you should be familiar with the concept that sleep experts recommend sleep duration of at least 7 to 9 hours every day. In the modern age where the economy is always booming, you may have the luxury to sleep in for that long – having to juggle between a busy work day and a buzzing social life.

Nevertheless, taking a few naps within the day can compensate for the sleep time you are missing out on your bed at night. Here are 4 health benefits that are attributed to taking frequent naps during the day.

1. Increased alertness and performance

Frequent naps have been relied on by major companies and organizations to increase the productivity of employees. Not too long ago, a study was done at NASA evaluating the impact of napping on the alertness of pilots and astronauts. From the study, it was deduced that taking a light nap for just 40 minutes improved alertness in military pilots and astronauts by 100 percent and boosted their performance by about 34 percent. Other studies have also shown that napping increases alertness significantly after the nap, with the benefits extending to a few hours subsequently. For the average folks, this can be applied to those of us working long hours in the office – catching a quick nap can improve your productivity at work.

2. Reduced fatigue

A recent study published in the Journal of Occupational Health in May of 2019 evaluated that 120-minute naps had an impact on sleepiness, fatigue and performance over a shift lasting 16 hours. This study was based around subjective and objective performance, with the impact of napping on fatigue varies depending on when the nap is taken. Naps taken around midnight may not be effective in resolving fatigue, but naps in the early morning can significantly decrease morning errors. Naps taken during the day are also significant in alleviating fatigue.

3. Improves mood

Due to the rising standards of living, many mental health problems have emerged with it. It is becoming increasingly easy to have your moods disturbed by the most trivial of problems. If you feel like you are having a rough day and it is taking a toll on you mentally, taking a nap can aid you in this aspect. Research suggests that regular naps, especially when feeling emotionally intense than usual, can regulate your emotions. Studies have shown that naps enable you to tolerate your frustrations and can reduce your tendency to act out of an impulse.

4. Enhances relaxation

As you take on your daily duties, you may be overwhelmed with work whereby your productivity deteriorates and you experience burnout. Burnouts are a common work-related symptom – in fact, it is only recently that burnout was considered to be an occupational syndrome with potentially serious medical repercussions, according to World Health Organisation. Taking a few minutes off of your schedule to relax can give your body and brain the time they need to rejuvenate.


Naps are essential, not just for our brain but also for the health of the general body. Most people assume they can function without getting enough rest and ignore sleepiness when it strikes them. However, you are encouraged to consider napping whenever possible because it can help you rejuvenate, increase your concentration, and boost your performance – especially when you are involved in high-risk activities such as driving. Make your efforts in napping and rejuvenation easier with a memory foam mattress, which provides the ultimate comfort.

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