4 Crucial Tasks On Your To-Do List When Moving Into A Condo

Once you’ve officially secured a new condominium unit – it is imperative to be mindful when you’re moving house.

Condo units may be compact spaces, but still, just like every home – you have to be very careful during the moving process. Overlooking a step could mean that your home will be missing essential furniture or have insufficient storage space.

Speaking otherwise, you’ll need to prepare a checklist or remove certain home furniture or items to make way for new ones or simply; to keep your new home spick and span. So, when the time comes for you to move into your new space – here are a few tips that’ll help you.

Check the amenities available

Most condos offer a myriad of amenities such as a children’s playground, swimming pool, yoga corner, gymnasium, bbq decks.

You can leverage on these amenities by getting rid of things you can find in these social amenities. For example, your workout equipment and tools can be removed to create space for other items.

Also, your kids’ toys and playing items can also be reduced to a certain number. You can regularly bring your kids to the playground where they can make new friends and even discover new toys from their peers.

Take a look at the available floorplan

You need to make a side-by-side comparison of your floorplan and the items you want to move with to the condominium.

Take time to measure the size and make a plan of how your furniture and other items will fit inside. This will help you know what to keep. A standard practice is to get rid of bulky items that you do not need crucially in the condominium.

At the end of the day, it depends on how much space you need and what you require in your home – such as a study room to create a space for your children to study peacefully.

Consider getting a storage locker

Oftentimes, it is near impossible to store every single furniture or item in your condo. It will only end up with your space feeling all cramped with too many things.

Usually, condo owners or even HDB flat owners find self-storage units useful. For instance, those with a splendid wine collection can easily store their products in nearby storage spaces. The same goes for other sorts of items – such as heaps of clothing or toys and spare furniture.

To make sure you choose the right storage space – ensure you find out the number of items you’re planning to put aside and the dimensions of the space. That way, you will understand which space to select.

Prioritise your items

List down the items you’re going to bring into your new condo unit, and tick those with far more importance.

Priority is key in deciding which items to bring with you and which to discard. So, completely cross out those that will only take up more space than required. What you can do is make way for hidden storage items that will prove to be extremely useful.

For example, in place of a footrest – you could opt for an ottoman instead. This will give you the extra space your home needs to store other items.

Generally, you need to take your time and plan for a move to a condominium. Nevertheless, as long as you stick to the correct tips when moving house – the moving process will be a smooth one. In the meantime, if you still have no condo in mind – Starlight Suites in Singapore is one place you can consider. Take a look and see if the establishment meets your needs.

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